I've experienced too many people who assume the stereotypes about Minnesotans are true. I've even experienced it over the pond in the UK! So let's set things straight:


  • 1

    Winters Aren't THAT Bad

    Maybe it's because we're so used to it but it really isn't too bad. That is unless it's, like, -40 degrees and there's a bunch of wind, that's not fun.

  • 2

    But Summers Can Be!

    Humidity + heat = not a good time!

  • 3

    We Don't Say "Uff Dah" Very Often and When We do We Get Really Self-Conscious About How Minnesotan We Sound

    I only intentionally say it when I'm joking around. It's all fun and games until you say "Uff Dah" un-ironically.

  • 4

    Shockingly Enough, Not All of Us Have Cabins

    But I wish I did! And a boat too!

  • 5

    No, We Are Not a Part of Canada

    True story: When I was in band in college we traveled to England. When we were being introduced to the audience, the man introducing us basically described Minnesota as being in Canada. Please look at a map, sir.

  • 6

    Not All of Us Like Lutefisk and Lefse

    But I do! Yeah, I'm a crazy Scandinavian.

  • 7

    If You Don't Love the State Fair it's Basically a Sin

    Just kidding, but seriously, if you don't like the State Fair people really wonder what's wrong with you.

  • 8

    The Minnesotan Good-Bye is All Too Real

    We're too awkward to know how to say a proper good-bye so it turns into a 15-minute ordeal.

  • 9

    No One Knows How to Zipper Merge

    I blame how horrible construction season is here on this! If we all followed the proper zipper merge technique it wouldn't be nearly as bad, right?!

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