The saying all good things must end, need not apply here. Minnesota's last remaining Embers Restaurants will be opening its doors to customers for the last time this upcoming Sunday, March 28th.

Ricky's Embers, which is located on Central Ave in Fridley, posted to its Facebook page earlier this week the announcement of when the last call was going to be. Ricky's announced earlier this month that the land and restaurant had been for sale and was recently sold.

The post was a heartfelt one, revealing just how much this business means to the soon-to-be-former owner's Joe and Denise Rickenbach.

"We will be closing this Sunday at 3pm.

Since our post, a little over 3 weeks ago, about our possible closing the response from our customers has be overwhelming. So many stories and memories that we love hearing. Some who have been coming since the early 60’s! We have seen kids who came in with their family now come in with children of their own. We cannot thank you enough for the support you have given us over the past 23 years. You have become a part of our family.

This is a bittersweet time for us. Embers has been a part of our family since my mom started at the very first Embers restaurant in 1956. My dad (Ricky), who we named our restaurant after, worked for Embers for 30 years. He got me my first job at the Northtown Embers when I was 15 in 1978. That was 43 years ago! When Embers franchised in 1998 Denise and I were able to buy the Fridley location. It has been a “family hub” since then.

We are thankful for so many people but none more than our employees. Past and present. They have made us what we are. Restaurant work can be challenging, and they stuck with us through it all. We would not have made it this long with out their loyalty and dedication. A special thanks to my 5 kids who have had to put up with working for their dad!

We are grateful to the Kristal and Birnberg families. From 1956 to present they have been so kind to our family. I feel fortunate to have worked for such great people and am thankful for opportunities they have given us.

I am so glad that we were able to own a restaurant in the city where I grew up. Fridley has always been supportive of us, including the police and fire departments.

If we do not get to see you before we close just know that we have appreciated getting to know you over the years and are so thankful that you have been a part been such a big part of our lives."

In its place, not too far from where the old drive-in used to be (It's now a medical device building) Hometown News reports the property will become a Bank of America after the Minneapolis developer razes the current structure.

So I suggest if you get the chance, share a last meal and some memories at Ricky's one last time.

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