Now that summer's underway, a great way to cool off is to grab the gang and head out tubing. And, we have some of the best rivers for tubing right here in southeast Minnesota!

We've long known that many of the scenic rivers right here in our own backyard are great for tubing, and now OnlyInYourState has ranked three of them as top five rivers for tubing in the entire Land of 10,000 Lakes.

The site says that the Otter Tail River, near Detroit Lakes is the best river for tubing in here in Minnesota. Number two, according to the site, is Rum River, north of the Twin Cities. Sure, those two are probably okay, but I think these three rivers are even better-- and they're right in our neck of the woods.

The Root River - Heading tubing on the Root River, located near Lanesboro, gives you a ride down one of Minnesota's most scenic rivers. The site agrees, noting, "There are a few outfitters on the river, including Root River Outfitters and Eagle Cliff Campground in Lanesboro. Pricing and drop-off points are a bit different for each one, but is reasonable and will give you a great day on the river. Click here and here for more information."

The Cannon River - A group our friends have tubed down the Cannon River many times. We always use Welch Mill in Welch-- their bus drops you off a few miles upstream and you float back down, enjoying the scenic views and relaxing float (unless the water's really fast, that is...). Click here for more information.

The Zumbro River - Our local favorite, the Zumbro River is a great place to head out tubing! We camped at Bluff Valley Campground in Zumbro Falls a few years ago and had a great time tubing down the Zumbro on our way back to our camp. My wife and I also had a great time canoeing down the Zumbro, too, thanks to the gang at Boulder Dam Canoe & Kayak Rental in Oronco. Zumbro Valley Canoe Rentals can also hook you up!

And, of course, can you go tubing without singing Lost Highway's classic Minnesota song, Tubin'? I don't think so...

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