I am quite sure almost everyone enjoys ice cream, especially if it is free. That means almost everyone likes some flavor of a Dairy Queen Blizzard too right? My favorite is snickers! Well, each weekday on the air about 6:25 I am giving away a $5.00 gift card for a Dairy Queen Blizzard redeemable at any Dairy Queen. That is the daily prize for Dairy Trivia thanks to the Rice County American Dairy Association. Daily winners can pick the gift card up at KDHL studios or I can mail it to them.

Each weekday about 6:25 I will give you the question and the first person that calls in with the right answer wins the gift card for a Dairy Queen Blizzard. There will be 20 daily winners and they will be entered into a drawing for the Dairy Trivia Grand Prize of a Dairy Queen ice cream cake. That is being sponsored by the Dairy Queen in Lakeville. So the grand prize winner will have to pick it up at the Dairy Queen in Lakeville.

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