Jordyn Brennan has been hard at work on the mural titled "Love for All." The mural sits on First Ave. NW, in between Third and Second streets, in Faribault.

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Here's a little-known fact about the new mural. The colors of the flowers represent local businesses around town.

The yellow chrysanthemums represent Mums from Minnesota, also know as Faribault Growers, Inc. This business was started by Edgar and Ruth Lehman in Faribault over 70 years ago and is one of the only shops that sells hardy, perennial garden mums.

The light pink and orange peonies reflect Brand Peony Farm, which dates back to 1870! Fun fact: this business is the reason Faribault earned the nickname "peony capital of the world." The Farm has grown over 1,000 peony varieties.

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The blue and white clematises are in honor of Donahue's Greenhouse. The Greenhouse has one of the largest selections of clematis in the ENTIRE country. 

The final flower is a violet Dwarf Trout Lily. It's an endangered species found only in Rice, Steele, and Goodhue counties. You can find them at the River Bend Nature Center.

Brennan has made a lot of progress within the last couple of weeks. She is a true artist. 

Brennan is a visual artist living in Minneapolis. She received her BA in Studio Arts at Upper Iowa University and is currently pursuing her MFA at Minneapolis College of Art and Design. 

This is not the first mural she has done. In fact, she has completed five in the past two years, and you can check them out on her website

Do you think she'd paint the walls of my house for me?

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