Well, this one definitely stings a little! Taylor Swift seems to think that Minnesotans talk a certain way and demonstrated that in the early days of her career. Thankfully for us, the clip is making the rounds on TikTok!

My friend sent me the video on the social media channel because the entire clip is the biggest pop star in the world making fun of Minnesotans. Of course, when the actual interview happened, she was not yet the biggest star but an up-and-coming country artist.

The clip is actually from fourteen years ago, which means she was really new in her career. A TikTok account with the handle @inbluejaywayy posted the clip, where Taylor says she is going to impersonate a Minnesotan soccer mom.

Prior to actually impersonating the average Minnesota soccer mom, she says she could be wrong but that they sound a certain way in her head. She takes off using her best Minnesota accent, which does not at all sound like a Minnesotan.

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Feeding into the whole Minnesota stereotype thing, she mentions driving in a mini van and deer jumping in front of the car. She also mentions snow drifts, picking up someone named Jimmy from soccer and being nagged all day.

She really went heavy on the whole deer thing. People clapped for her afterwards and said it was one of the best impressions they've heard. There is a "BBC" logo in the background, which means she was likely overseas when the interview took place.

I am not sure why she decided to tackle Minnesota of all things while doing an interview across the pond but it is safe to say it is all in good fun! Why? Because she will be here later this summer for two shows at U.S. Bank Stadium.

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