Tons of stores are offering more and more options for kids. The most recent to join in is Target with four new adaptive Halloween costumes for kids with disabilities. There are two costumes coming this year for kids in wheelchairs and two for kids with sensory sensitivities. It's part of their Hide and Eek! Boutique.

One costume transforms the child's wheelchair into a pirate ship, another into a purple princess carriage. Target says on their website that the wheelchair costumes can fit a variety of wheelchair sizes. The costumes for the child to dress up as the pirate and princess are sold separately. According to CBS News, the costumes "are specifically designed for ease of dressing for wheelchair users, with openings in the back and wide pant legs."

As for the costumes for kids with sensory sensitivities, there is a shark costume and a unicorn costume. Both are plush with no tags and flat seams. CBS News says that "they also feature detachable sections and hidden openings, designed to be less irritating for children with sensory sensitivities."

Even though it's July, you can pre-order all four of these costumes on Target's website.


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