I am looking forward to the NTPA Truck and Tractor Pull Saturday evening in front of the Grandstand at the Rice County Fair. For many years I have been the "official" un-hooker at the NTPA Truck and Tractor Pull. My job after the pull is to unhook the truck or tractor from the sled, drape the chain over the front of the sled and then get out of the way so the sled can get ready for the next pull.

The two wheel and four wheel drive trucks are fun along with the semi's. However my favorite class is what I call the smokers and screamers. That is the farm tractor classes. They kind of look like farm tractors but really they are quite different. I asked one of the drivers what was the same on the tractor as when it came from the factory. He said the only thing on the tractor that was the same as when the tractor was manufactured was the hood!

The NTPA Truck and Tractor Pull begins at 7:00 pm in the Grandstand. I sure hope the rain is over so the track will be dry for the pull.

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