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There's a trail in Northern Minnesota near Silver Bay that you need to check out if you have the time. This trail will lead you to not one but TWO secret lakes that are completely hidden by a thick forest.

The trail is called the Bean and Bear Lake Loop Trail. Only in Your State says the hike is about 6.5 miles long and is considered moderate in difficulty. There are some spots that are steep, it is totally unpaved except for a few spots with boardwalks, and there may be things in your way on the path like fallen branches and exposed roots.

But the hike is totally worth the energy! Once you reach the highest point of the trail you can see above all of the trees surrounding you and the two main attractions: Bean Lake and Bear Lake. Only in Your State writes that these lakes "are completely surrounded by the thick forest" that you just hiked through.

The fact that these lakes are hidden until you reach the highest point of the hike makes them even more amazing to look at. And because they're surrounded by trees, that means now is the perfect time to go check them out. Up in Northern Minnesota, they are at about peak fall colors right now so it would be beautiful and make the hike even more worth it.

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