By now, more people have gone back into the office or back to work in some capacity. But for those Minnesotans still working from home a recently completed survey says that 1 in 3 Minnesotans are taking a nap while on the job.

Minnesota ranks 31st on the list of people who are napping while they are 'working' from home. Iowa is 5th on the list where 1 in 2 Iowans working from home are napping on the clock. The state which is tops for getting paid to nap? North Dakota where 2 in 3 people or 67% of those who responded to the survey were napping on the job! surveyed 2,000 American workers to find out how many could put napping on their resume. It turns out that on average 1-in-3 surveyed are taking advantage of the situation to get so much needed shut-eye.

That number isn’t spread evenly. North Dakota, Alaska, and Nebraska have more than half of their workers admitting to sleeping on the clock. Meanwhile, no one in Vermont, Wyoming, or Montana admitted to napping at all.
Source: Zippia Napping At Work Study
OK, so what are people tempted to be doing while working from home other than napping? Social Media, Cellphone/Texting, Surfing the Internet, and Smoking or Snack Breaks according to's survey.

If you are napping more then you are spending time working from home, you might just need to find a job that is a little more stimulating.

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