It was a tense and frightening time this Memorial Day weekend as a young boy was swept away by the Zumbro River.

According to Rochester police, the boy was with his father in the Soldiers Field Park area, specifically, near the YMCA, when the father noticed his son was missing and started to look for him and called 911 to report his son missing.

At just about the same time, a driver noticed a young boy walking in the Zumbro River and then get swept away. The driver called 911 and the boy floated downriver about 1/4 mile and that's when the Rochester Fire Department rescue crews got on the river and scooped the boy up into their boat.

ABC Six News shared this quote...

"There was definitely urgency to it. The child we believe to be 2 to 4 years old. He's quite small so he could get hypothermic quite easily. It was a matter of moments, we had police officers and if you look to your left you can see fire hall one and they deployed with a boat, " said Officer Craig Jacobsen of the Rochester Police Department.

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