I half to admit I am a bit of a Star Trek geek. I have watched the original series episodes a lot and I have the original seven movies. I have a couple of the Next Generation movies and have watched much of that series a few times. I do confess I did not get into Deep Space Nine or Voyager or Enterprise. I did see the first two re-boot films and have yet to see Star Trek Beyond. In the Trek universe I would probably be a lowly red-shirt, the first one killed in most episodes.

But for those who are really into it and wand to be a part of the 50th anniversary, the 50-year mission tour is coming to Minneapolis at the Hyatt Regency this weekend.

The only person from the original series scheduled to appear is William Shatner (Captain Kirk). He will be there on Sunday.

Many others from Next Generation and some of the other series will be there. Limited tickets will still be available at the door. The event is run by Creation Entertainment.

The ultimate package costs more than $400 to get in on the meet and greets and autographs. Plus attendees could be out almost $200 per night for a hotel room.

I am all about meeting celebrities, but I am not going to pay $20-$100 for autographs. I just don't believe in that. But I hope those who go have a lot of fun and I hope Star Trek continues to live long and prosper.


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