He was one of the reasons a boy in North Minneapolis wanted to get into radio. Even though this boy was not as quick witted or as talented as this man. That boy was me. The man was Roger Erickson who passed away yesterday at the age of 89.

I always listened to him in the morning. The Good Morning song helped start my day. And I loved who they would try to do a bad harmony on the end  to change things up, or was it really how it was. It didn't matter to me it was funny.

I used to listen to the school announcements, not because I was hoping for my school. When I was in grade school  everyone walked or got a ride there. It never closed. It was not until I went to high school at Totino-Grace that was a 20 min drive from my house that school announcements were important to me. I listened to them because of how he did them. And I listened for all of the crazy things they would do.

I was sad when he retired. But Twin Cities radio was changing and I think he thought he could not fit in anymore. But he would come back from time to time to do certain things.

Charlie Boone and Roger Erickson were the guys on top in radio in the cities. Charlie passed a couple of years ago and I don't think Roger was the same after that.

Roger's voice would be heard on KDHL once a year. He was the host for the Gustavus Christmas Concert that we air every year.

Years later this kid from North Minneapolis is doing radio as best he can in this day in age and with our milder winters lately I don't get to do as many school announcements as often. But when I do I try to do it like Roger would want it.

Memories of your career and voice will live on for many years in many people's hearts. Including this boy from North Minneapolis. RIP Roger Erickson. You are reunited with Charlie and Joyce and Maynard and Steve Cannon and all those in radio heaven.


Pavek Museum Photo
Pavek Museum Photo

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