Every month Applebee's does a special drink deal, one specific alcoholic beverage that's just a dollar for the entire month! For the month of June, they'll be serving vodka raspberry lemonades for $1.

Last month they had the $1 margaritas. People complained last year when they had the Dollaritas last year, saying they were watered down, but so far this year I haven't heard any complaints. Hopefully, the vodka raspberry lemonades will be just as delicious!

So starting Monday, June 1st you'll be to stop by your local Applebee's and snag a great deal on this drink. Could be a good place to go for an after-work beverage with co-workers.

I'm already wondering what July's $1 drink special will be. Maybe $1 Moscow Mules? I'd be ok with that! What are you hoping for?


Source: Thrillist


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