What a call this would be to receive! Mellette County Sheriff's Office in South Dakota got an interesting call yesterday. Someone had found a rattlesnake in their washing machine and needed help getting it out. No thank you!

I can't imagine being the homeowner that found that snake! You're just minding your own business, trying to get your laundry done, and all of a sudden there's a huge rattlesnake staring at you!

The Mellette County Sheriff's Office posted about the encounter and a video of them removing the snake on their Facebook page. I love what they said in their post: "Never a dull moment in Mellette County."

In the video, you can see one of the officers pull the snake out of the washing machine with some sort of stick. He clearly has a good hold on this thing because it started flailing everywhere! And then he had to get this snake through what appears to be the entire house. I was nervous the snake was going to get away the entire time I watched this video! Check it out below:

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