Maybe you're shopping around for a face mask to wear in public, or maybe you already have one. Either way, this message is for everyone: do not use a mask with a vent on it. Although they may appear to be a good choice, they are not. Here's why.

There are plenty of people who sell cloth face masks, which are very popular, but many people are getting masks with vents thinking that they're better than cloth ones. BGR mentions that the problem with these vents is that it protects any particles from getting in, but any particles are able to get out. It's only a one-way valve, and that right there is the problem.

The reason the CDC has recommended we wear masks out in public, around people not in our household, is to protect others from possibly getting the Coronavirus from us if we have it unknowingly. So wearing a mask with a vent doesn't do that at all.

So if you have a face mask with a vent, I would encourage you to get a new one, there are many for sale on Etsy, for example. If you're shopping around for a face mask, please avoid buying a mask with a vent.

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