Given how hot and humid it was Tuesday here in early June it was not surprising severe thunderstorms developed in the afternoon. The most severe thunderstorm developed southwest of Lake Crystal. It moved through the central part of Blue Earth County, through St Claire, Pemberton,  Waldorf and then New Richland. There was a lot of wind, hail, and 2 t0 3 inches of rain in some areas. It is tough to see a good looking crop that got planted early get blasted by wind and hail!

I talked this Tuesday afternoon with Ashley Storby who is an Agronomist with Pioneer. Ashley spent all day assessing the hail damage in corn and soybean fields. It will take until late this weekend to see how the soybeans recover before replanting decisions need to be made. It is still early enough that if you do replant you have only lost 5 to 10 percent of the expected yield.

Very little corn will be replanted. The growing point on corn would still be at or just below the soil surface. Ashley said when she checked the growing points they appeared healthy. The new leaf should emerge through the dead necrotic tissue. If yo do plan on replanting beans make sure you contact your crop insurance agent. Typically they want their adjuster to evaluate the field before you replant!


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