Someone in the Northfield area just won more than $40,000 after purchasing the winning Northstar Cash ticket from the November 2nd drawing. The winning ticket was purchased at the Holiday Stationstore located at 100 Water Street in Northfield.

The winning tickets numbers were 5-8-15-24-30.

Image Credit: Minnesota Lottery via Facebook
Image Credit: Minnesota Lottery via Facebook

My question is if the winner finds out that they won based on this post, does that equal a cash tip? At least a 6-pack right?

Anyone winning a large amount like the $44,221 that the ticket was worth has to redeem the prize at lottery headquarters in Roseville. Winning tickets are valid for one year from the date that they were sold.

The Minnesota Lottery advises anyone who purchases a ticket to sign the back of it and keep it in a safe place in-case they hit it big.

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