Did you get fooled this April 1st? With the last couple of years being so strange in the world, it seemed like this was the first real April Fools' Day we've had since 2019. And we all could use a good laugh after all this time.

Taking a swing at this year's April Fool's Day, a lot of Minnesota & Wisconsin companies and organizations had some playful pranks on their social media followers and customers.

Take Kwik Trip for example. If you think Kwik Trip's bagged milk is a little weird, how about Wisconsin's own Leinenkugel's in a bag? Love it! You can see it on their Facebook page.

The Mall Of America had some fun with the 30th anniversary of the log chute on their Facebook page. Which now will be the Kenny Loggins Chute. This is hilarious!

Day Tripper Duluth once again had their fun with their kayaking whale watching tours in Lake Superior. It's a little sad that so many people fall for this on their Facebook page every year. (There aren't whales in Lake Superior.)

Duluth Coffee Company has posted something that I unfortunately could see catching on.

I love Top The Tater, but I think I would even have to draw the line here on Midwest's favorite dip.

Earth Rider Brewery in Superior pranked the craft beer crowd with a new unicorn beer.

Bent Paddle had some fun too with the aluminum can shortage. They solved it with an unconventional idea as seen on their Facebook page.

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