This morning I was out of the studio for a few minutes. When I came back I saw I was in the popcorn business. Yes, someone dropped off a big bag of popcorn seed from the HEM seed company. The instructions on the bag said to plant with a little bull because it pays! The invoice said 25 pounds of White Hulles Early Popcorn seed @ $25 per pound equals $625 COD! Deliver to Jerry Groskreutz at KDHL Radio Faribault. I am pretty sure I know who was responsible -- Harley Manke from Manke's Outdoor Equipment and Appliance in Owatonna.  You see Harley has a history of "picking" on me for April Fools' Day!

Notice the great big pink flamingo hanging in the corner? One April Fools' Day I came to the studio at 4AM and saw this flamingo hanging by the back door. That was the year a church was holding some type of fundraiser in town. Someone would come home and find little flamingo ornaments all over their front yard. They had to make a contribution and pass the flamingos off to another person or contribute even more. Another April Fools' Day I was walking to the side door and I could smell a skunk. I noticed a skunk doll not far from the side door, Harley saw the doll somewhere and then stopped a Cabela's and bought some skunk scent! I think it is a pretty safe assumption that Harley is responsible for the COD popcorn seed!

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