April 1 will be here in just a matter of days, bringing with it April Fools' Day pranks. Want to get in on the fun, but can't think anything? I've put together a list of five ideas that can be used on April 1 or anytime that are fun, but won't have you hunting for a new job, or new friends.

  1. If you have access to someone's cubical or living room, fill small paper cups half way with water and place them 4-6 inches apart, covering the entire floor, leaving only enough room for the door to safely open. Given the closeness of the paper cups, your target can't walk through the room without spilling the water, so must either drink the water, one cup at a time, or carry each cup outside and dump out the water. I've seen this done, and the shock factor is pretty great. It'll take a while to put the cups in place, so give yourself some time.
  2. If you work in an office with a sweet tooth, get an empty doughnut box and fill it with veggies, then close the top and wait for word to circulate that there are treats in the break room for everyone to enjoy. They still get a treat, just not the one they expected.
  3. If you're riding with a friend, family member, or really anyone and they stop to get gas or run into the store, that gives you the perfect chance to share your favorite music with them. Change all of the FM presets on their car radio to Power 96 (95.9) and all of the AM presets to KDHL (920). This is probably my favorite from this list for obvious reasons!
  4. Have a TV lover in your life? This one is simple, and takes all of two seconds. Just remove the batteries from the remote. You'll have a good laugh as they try repeatedly to change channels, adjust the volume, or even turn the TV on.
  5. Get to the office a few minutes early and flip the computer screen display on your colleagues' computers upside down by pressing Ctrl, Alt and the down arrow at the same time. Everything will work and look normal, except for upside down. To flip it back, hold Ctrl, Alt and the up arrow at the same time.

The fun of all of the pranks listed above is they are pretty simple, no chance to get injured, hurt feelings or harm reputations of anyone involved. You could easily pull off one, or several, of these with little to no planning and have a good laugh with the target of your prank. Do you have any other fun and harmless prank ideas?

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