After temperatures that were in the 60s at the start of the week, I was feeling spring was just around the corner and was ready to pack away the winter gear and pull out the flip flops. But the old saying, "if you don't like the weather in Minnesota, wait five minutes and it will change" once again proved itself to be true, and we received a large amount of snow. 

The fluffy white accumulations seemed pretty specific to our area and south, as friends as close as Lakeville reported a light dusting at best. While area schools canceled classes, much to the delight of many students, most of southern Minnesota grabbed a shovel, cleared the drive and allowed for a bit of extra time on the morning commute.

Winter in Minnesota is beautiful - cold, but beautiful - and this winter has been relatively easy. So, despite the unusually warm streak we enjoyed at the start of the week, it shouldn't have surprised us that we would see a snowfall in late February in a state that has seen significant snowfall much later in the year on many occasions.

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