Download the KDHL App and POWER 96 App to get Weather Alerts and Radar.

Minnesota Department of Public Safety Homeland Security and Emergency Management observes Severe Weather Awareness Week this week.  A different topic is highlighted each day.  Monday details about warnings and watches are discussed.

In the KDHL/POWER 96 area another reason you want the apps of our stations downloaded on ALL your mobile devices is the weather alerts come to you wherever you are.  Radar is also available.  I believe one of the reasons no people were even injured in the September tornadoes in the area was the alerts people received on their mobile devices.

Every year I am asked about the difference between a watch and a warning.  There are actually three alerts used by the National Weather Service.

  • Advisory:  An advisory is issued when a hazardous weather event is happening, imminent or likely.  You need to be aware danger could be possible.
  • Watch:  A watch means conditions are favorable for dangerous weather to occur.  Watch out for severe weather and be ready to act if it strikes.  Know where your kids are.  Make sure they know what to do if a warning is issued.
  • Warning: Means the weather event is imminent or occurring somewhere in the defined warning area.  Take shelter immediately.

There can be an advisory, watch or warning issued for any weather event.  Floods, severe thunderstorms, tornadoes , hail, extreme heat.

When an outdoor warning siren goes off it means you should check your KDHL app or tune to KDHL  920 AM and find out why the siren has been sounded.  There could be a hazardous materials event with specific instructions.

The app is the way to listen during severe weather because you will not experience the static you get during stormy activity on AM radio.

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