Applications for the Minnesota Farm Bureau's Sesquicentennial Farm program are due March 1, 2021. Remember, the Minnesota Farm Bureau and the Minnesota State Fair sponsor the Century Farm Program. It is just the Minnesota Farm Bureau that sponsors the Sesquicentennial Farm program. The Sesquicentennial Farm program honors families that have owned their land for at least 150 years! The Minnesota Farm Bureau began the Sesquicentennial Farm program in 2008. Since than more than 400 farms have  been honored as Sesquicentennial Farms!

Eligible farms must have been in continuous family ownership for at least 150 years according to the abstract title, land patent, original deed, county land records, court file in registration proceedings or other authentic land records. The other requirements are the same as the Century Farm Program, the farm must be at least 50 acres in size, and continuous residence on the farm is not required.

Sesquicentennial Farm applications are available by emailing: or you can write to Sesquicentennial Farms, Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation, P O Box 64370, St Paul, MN 55164. Remember too that Century Farms will not automatically be recognized as a Sesquicentennial Farms. Families must apply to receive Sesquicentennial Farm recognition!

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