I am looking forward to the Dam Days parade in Morristown on Friday evening. I missed it last year because I was out at the farm planting sweet corn. When you grow sweet corn and peas under contract you have to plant when they want you to. The Dam Days parade is my favorite parade of the year. Maybe it is because it is the first parade and community celebration of the summer?

It has been a little busy this spring to get the crops planted and herbicides on with all the cold, wet weather. So, I am hoping things go well getting to the parade Friday evening. Today I will be heading up to Jim's, who has been storing my 820 in his shed. Hopefully the pony motor starts. The pony motor is a small gas engine that is used to start the big diesel engine. This afternoon I will head out to the farm to clean up the truck and trailer and finish spraying corn. Then I load my car on the trailer and drive the truck to Jim's to get the tractor. Wish me luck!

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