Make sure you take a look in the Minnesota night sky some time tonight because we'll be able to see something pretty cool! Tonight, we will be able to see Saturn, Jupiter, and the moon form a triangle.

You may have noticed something last night too. Last night the moon was also in close proximity to Saturn and Jupiter but it wasn't quite the same as what we'll see tonight. Tonight's "triangle" won't be an exact triangle but it will be pretty close!

When you are looking in the night sky tonight, according to Thrillist, the moon will be "sitting below the pair of gas giants". The moon is also going to be very bright tonight and close to a full moon.

If you are not up late at night but you will be up early tomorrow morning, you can still catch a glimpse of Saturn, Jupiter, and the moon hanging out together. Thrillist writes that you will be able to see the triangle "until just before sunrise".

Saturn and Jupiter are both pretty bright planets so you should actually be able to see them and pick them out relatively easily with the naked eye. You don't even need to get out of the city to see them. Although, if you are looking for something to do tonight maybe that's a good idea: get the family together and drive out to a place with less light pollution to see all the stars!

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