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The third stimulus plan of the COVID-19 pandemic is set to be signed into law by President Biden on Friday, March 12th. Here's how much money you could see in your checking account here in Minnesota.

If you're scoring along (and even if you're not), this new stimulus bill-- officially called the American Rescue Plan Act-- is the third plan that distributes money to businesses and citizens across the country. According to this Kiplinger's story, this new bill 'authorizes another round of $1,400 stimulus checks for each eligible person ($2,800 for couples), plus an additional $1,400 for each dependent.'

And, much like the first round of payments (from the Coronavirus  Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act), this bill also reduces or eliminates payments to individuals and families making above a certain amount.

There were various versions of the bill floating around (all with different provisions), so just how do you figure out the amount of money you'll get this time? Kiplingers says the amount you'll see in your checking account (if you have a direct deposit number on file with the IRS) or on a check mailed to you will be based on either your 2019 income tax, or your 2020 income tax, if you've already filed this year.

To find out just how much you could see, CLICK HERE to enter your info in this handy payment calculator. You only need three pieces of information: your filing status (married, single, head of household), any dependents you claimed, and your adjusted gross income. (And, yes, it's all anonymous; you don't enter any identifying information.)

Of course, if you'd like that adjusted gross income amount to be HIGHER (and wouldn't we all?!?), then keep scrolling to check out some of the top jobs here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes that are the highest-paying-- and will definitely add to your bottom line next year!

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