First, it was toilet paper.  Now, we are having a tough time finding Dr Pepper in our country.

Dr Pepper shared on their Facebook page that they are having a little bit of an issue keeping store shelves stocked right now.  Here's their full statement:

Having trouble finding your favorite Dr Pepper product? We're doing everything we can to get it back into your hands. That means working with our distribution partners to keep shelves stocked nationwide, while ensuring the safety of our employees.

We appreciate your patience, and encourage you to contact your local retailer directly for the most up-to-date availability of Dr Pepper products.

Minnesotans, don't panic. Earlier we mentioned that Minnesota was one of the states that were running low on stock but according to the local distributor for Dr Pepper in SE Minnesota, Gillette Pepsi, store shelves are full. The proof is in the picture and you can see it below at one of their displays.

Credit: Gillette Pepsi
Credit: Gillette Pepsi

What's one item that you haven't been able to find yet since COVID-19 started?  I still can't find Clorox wipes or my favorite type of canned green beans.  Let me know what you are missing on my Facebook page (Jessica On The Radio) or Instagram.

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