Can we just stop and appreciate the fact that some Minnesotans actually voted for Kanye West?

It's Wednesday, November 4 -- the day after the 2020 Presidential Election. We're still awaiting final results, but we do know that Democratic candidate Joe Biden has won the presidential vote in Minnesota, beating current President Donald Trump by some 7% of votes. While all eyes are understandably focused on these two candidates, let's not gloss over one of the other major-minor figures in this year's election -- Kanye West.

Kanye West earned 7,778 votes in Minnesota to be President of the United States. Someone -- someones -- actually voted for Kanye West! Granted, his votes only accounted for 0.2% of the total vote count in Minnesota, which is hardly a drop in the bucket. But still -- nearly 8,000 Minnesotans voted for Kanye West! I'm not making fun of those people, I promise; I'm actually just impressed that Kanye had enough clout, charisma, conviction or whatever it is he has that he could convince several thousand Minnesotans to vote for him as president! That really does deserve a head nod and round of applause.

According to, Ye received 60,000 votes total in 12 states. Of those, he received the second-most votes in Minnesota just behind Tennessee with over 10k votes. While his bid for president in 2020 is over, he's apparently not given up; a tweet early Wednesday morning suggests that he intends to run again in 2024!

What do you think -- #Kanye2024 anyone?

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