A Rochester woman has been on the 10th season of MasterChef which started airing at the end of May. Her name is Shari Mukherjee. Her specialty is mixing Midwest cooking with Indian cooking and she recently told ABC 6 News that she plans on opening popup restaurants in Rochester.

She told ABC 6 News that she never enjoyed cooking, she always liked baking. But when she married her husband, who is Indian, his mom was worried he would never have the Indian food he grew up with. So Shari decided to learn how to cook and learned how to cook Indian food.

Her fusion of Midwestern cooking and Indian cooking is what got her on MasterChef. She said to ABC 6 News, "'What I plan to do are some popup restaurants here in town and some new dining experiences. I want to introduce people to some of these flavors of Indian food but maybe in a way that resonates with them."

One example of how she meshes Midwestern dishes with Indian cooking is she'll make a tater tot hotdish but make her own tater tots with Indian spices and instead of using beef she puts in lamb with some more seasoning. That sounds super good!


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