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Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - The Rochester School Board has punished Superintendent Michael Munoz for his act of plagiarism involving a recent letter he sent to the district staff.

The Board held a special meeting Tuesday and unanimously passed a motion directing its attorney and the chair to draft a letter to Munoz suspending him without pay for five duty days, or reducing his salary by an equal amount.

According to a news release from the board, Munoz “has also been directed to meet with Board Members Catherine Nathan and Don Barlow to develop a public restorative practices plan that is part of his discipline. The letter of suspension and the restorative practices plan will be available to the public when they are completed." 

The statement says:

“In adopting the motion, the School Board underscored that plagiarism is serious, unacceptable, and cannot happen again. The School Board recognizes that Superintendent Munoz’s conduct has had an impact on the community, staff members, and the educational system as a whole. At the same time, the School Board recognizes that even effective leaders make mistakes, and that part of being an effective leader is owning your mistakes. The School Board appreciates that Superintendent Munoz has acknowledged and owned his mistake. With the steps that have been taken and the restorative practices plan that will be put into place, the School Board has every confidence that Superintendent Munoz has learned from this incident and will continue to be an effective leader for the District. “


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