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A Rochester family needs our help in finding their lost dog. He went missing last night (Thursday) around 6 PM according to Rochester Animal Control.

The dog's name is Prince, he is absolutely adorable. According to information on PawBoost Prince is a cocker spaniel. He's blonde with some white patches and green eyes.

Rochester Animal Control also shared information about Prince earlier this morning on their Facebook page. They say he went missing "in the area of 1600 Marion RD SE".

If you find Prince there are a few ways to report it. You can get in contact with the owner via the PawBoost posting or you can call the phone number that was shared by Rochester Animal Control which is (713) 594-8019.

What do you do if you find Prince or any missing dog for that matter? Do you go up to the dog, do you call for help?

American Humane gives some ideas for what to do if you find a lost animal. First, try to approach the animal. Do so slowly while speaking in a calm voice. Secure the dog with a leash (or belt or rope if you don't have a leash) or get them into a fenced-in backyard. You can use food to help coaks them to you.

Next, American Humane says to call authorities, check for ID, and finally get the pet scanned for a microchip. If the pet doesn't have any form of identification (no tag or microchip) American Humane suggests taking them to an animal shelter.

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