The Rice County 4-H Club Big Giants heard that there was a shortage of baby supplies at the Northfield Community Action Center so they decided to do something to help! They have organized the Big Giants 4-H Rattles Up Baby Supplies. The drive begins Monday November 15, 2020 and run through December 15, 2020. This is a great example of the kids involved in 4-H. They see a need and try and do what they can to help their community!

The most needed items at the Northfield Community Action Center include baby foods and formula. All types of formula are needed, soy, lactose-free and dairy. Expiration dates for the baby food and formula should not be past 6 months from the date on the package. Also needed are wipes and diapers, the most needed is sized 6 or 7 and toddler pull-ups. I do not know what that means but I am pretty sure Mom's and Dad's do!

Here is how you can help! Look for the Big Giants 4-H donation boxes around Northfield. They are at Cub Foods, Family Care, Little Village Learning Center Dundas, Northfield Montessori, Northfield EMS, St Peter's Lutheran and Bethel Lutheran.

The COVID-19 pandemic has cause a lot of difficult times for many families through no fault of their own. If you can help those less fortunate right now please do. I did not check this out with the Rice County 4-H but I am pretty sure they would accept a donation made out to the Northfield Community Action Center.

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