This is a sure sign of spring, even though I am sure old man winter will be back a couple of times yet this winter. I received a notification from the Minnesota Department of Transportation that Seasonal Load Limits will go on Friday February 17, at 12:01AM. That is a fancy way of saying spring road postings go up this Friday! This includes the south, southeast and metro frost zones. This is quite a change in terms of axle loads you could haul. This winter with the frost in the ground we could be 10 percent overweight.

This means farmers and truckers really need to pay attention to their weight and the roads they are on. There are some county blacktop roads that are posted for 9 ton axle weight while many others are only 7 ton. If you happen to live on a gravel township road, they are normally posted at 5 ton axle weight in the spring. I have never gotten an overweight ticket in the spring, but I have heard they are painful! So, if you want good roads to drive on and do not want to pay a fine, lighten the load!

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