The Rice County Board of Commissioners today unanimously approved the purchase of body cameras and accessories for the Sheriff's Office.

A public hearing required by state law had no members of the public providing input before the Commissioners vote.  Sheriff Troy Dunn then requested the board vote to approve the purchase of the Portable Recording Devices/Body Worn Cameras, software, charging stations and additional storage capacity for the data obtained by the Body Worn Cameras.

Dunn had previously informed the Commissioners he had budgeted for the purchases to be made this year.

  • $84,000 for cameras, equipment, software and maintenance
  • $50,000 for storage.

The Rice County Sheriff says in 2021 expenses budgeted include:

  • $9,750 Annual device licensing and support fees
  • $62,000 for part-time data analyst

Dunn says the policy adopted is a copy of what is used by Olmsted County and the Faribault Police Department with approval by the Rice County Attorney's Office.

Dunn commented, "I want to thank my Chief Deputy and Lieutenant for assistance with this as well as Dave from IT and Alan. They've been very helpful and will be especially once we have to start incorporating the storage of the data.  I appreciate your support as well and Sara thank you."

The Sheriff told KDHL he ordered the cameras today (Tuesday) and they hope to have them in about a month.  The goal is to have them implemented in six weeks.

Commissioners also unanimously passed a resolution setting October 13, 2020 at 9:00 a.m. the date for a Public Hearing for input concerning the Rice County Sheriff's Office use of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) and the implementation of a written policy governing it's use.

The Public Hearing is required by Minnesota Statute.

Photo from Watch Guard Website
Photo from WatchGuard Website

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