Rice County Sheriff Troy Dunn reports about a half dozen fish houses were broken into on French Lake sometime overnight Tuesday into Wednesday.  Dunn recommends people with fish houses on the area lakes keep their eyes open for suspicious activity.

Sheriff Dunn says some fishing gear and electronics were taken which is a reminder to take your valuables with you, "It's unfortunate we have to do that," Dunn said and added "We have no leads at this time."  He pointed out through his many years of experience he has noticed, "The locked fish houses kind of attracts you as a target that there might be valuables in there."

It's also obvious if the fish house is locked there is nobody inside.

The Rice County Sheriff says, "Normally we always tell people to keep your doors locked on your vehicles and your houses but sometimes I think the locks on fish houses make them targets."

Dunn says, "Unless somebody sees someone and gets a plate number, which happened last winter, these people are hard to catch."   Last winter someone contacted authorities with the plate number of a vehicle they thought was suspicious on the lake and deputies responded and found some stolen items in the vehicle.

He adds, "We don't ask that you necessarily try to intervene because you don't know if they're armed or anything.  Just get plate numbers and vehicle descriptions.  If they' re on a snowmobile or ATV, anything you can give on that would be helpful."

The Rice County Sheriff said his department has not received any reports of thefts from other area lakes.

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Ballard's Resort Heated Fish House. John Anderson / Townsquare Media

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