The Rice County Elections Department has a really handy listing of polling places that include which school district, commissioner district, U.S. congressional district, state legislative and senate districts are specific to the precinct.

Rice County Precincts, Polling Places with Specific Information. Captured from Rice County Website
Rice County Precincts & Polling Places with District Information. From Rice County Website
Rice County Precincts & Polling Places with District Information. From Rice County Website

This is very handy when compiling the results for you on Election night.  The specific district information all on one page.

This election Richland Township and Rice County portion of Dennison are totally ballot by mail districts.

In Rice County it was requested those ballots be sent to the Rice County Elections Office between September 18, 2020 and October 20, 2020.

This information went to those precincts long before the court issues were raised about mail-in ballots being received after Election day.

There are 31 precincts in Rice County.  Seven in the City of Northfield, four in the City of Faribault.

Two in Webster Township which officials are hoping can be eliminated when redistricting occurs.  Thirteen other townships are included among Rice County precincts.

The communities of Morristown, Lonsdale, Dundas and Nerstrand.

Ten people are running for three seats on the Faribault Public School Board with one incumbent so there's a guarantee of at least two new members.  The only incumbent is Jerry Robicheau.  Others hoping to become members of the school board include:

  • Damian Baum
  • Andrea Calderon
  • Ahmed Hassan
  • Travis McColley
  • Bradley Olson
  • Richard Olson
  • Terry Pounds
  • Casie Steeves
  • Sonny Wasilowski

Faribault City Council is guaranteed to see one new face with incumbent Elizabeth Cap choosing not to seek to retain her seat.  Incumbents Jonathan Wood and Royal Ross want to continue.

In addition to the two incumbents four other people filed to run for the three seats up for election this year.  They include:

  • Sara Caron
  • Faysel Ahmed Ali
  • Adam Gibbons
  • John Rowan

Faribault Mayor Kevin Voracek is running unopposed.

Northfield Mayor is a contested race with David Ludescher challenging incumbent Rhonda Pownell.

Rice County Commissioner District 1 features incumbent Jake Gillen and challenger Jim Purfeerst.  Gillen was first elected in 2005.

Rice County Commissioner District 5 has incumbent Jeff Docken opposed by Kim Halvorson.  Docken has been a commissioner since 2009.

Rice County Commissioner District 2 incumbent Galen Malecha of Northfield is running unopposed.  He has been a commissioner since 2007.

If you vote in the same Precinct I do, Precinct 1 at Curtis Hall 4-H Building on the fairgrounds you can check out the progress of the new bathroom building being constructed.

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