The Cannon River Drug & Violent Offender Task Force issued a news release this week stating the discovery of a dimethyltryptamine (DMT) lab in Nerstrand led to the arrest of a 46 year old man.

CRDVOTF alleges Victor Wang had large amounts of methamphetamine in his home and say he was selling the drugs.

The news release says, "During the investigation it was learned that Wang was residing in the City of Nerstrand, in Rice County.  Agents obtained a controlled substance related search warrant for the residence."

"On 3/21/2023 Agents executed the search warrant and observed Wang leaving the residence.  Wang was searched and Agents located approximately 28 grams of methamphetamine in his pocket."

"Agents searched the house and came across two slow cookers in the basement that contained a red colored liquid/sludge substance.  Agents observed precursor chemicals in the area of the crockpots along with rags often used as filters, a glass pipette and another jar containing a brown liquid."

"Agents eventually located tree bark/roots in the garbage with additional lye containers around the basement. The slow cookers emitted a very strong chemical odor and (they) suspected it to be a lab for making controlled substance."

"Agents made contact with Drug Enforcement Agents that were clandestine lab certified.  Agents from the DEA arrived on scene and identified it as a suspected DMT lab."

" DEA Agents advised that the contents in the basement are often used to make the DMT.  The lab involves extracting DMT from the bark/plants and then processes into a Hallucinogenic Drug similar to the effects of LSD."

"The Agents located substances in advancing stages of production in the home.  The weight of the substance appeared to be well over 100 grams."

"In Wang's bedroom Agents also located packaging materials, scales, and a small amount of marijuana and approximately 2 grams of Psilocybin Mushrooms."

"Agents also located 2 shotguns and a rifle in a bedroom in the home.  Wang has prior convictions and is prohibited from possessing firearms."

"Wang was arrested and charged by the Rice County Attorney's Office for multiple controlled sustance related felonies and prohibited persons in possession of firearms."

"Agents with the Cannon River Drug and Violent Offender Task Force were assisted by the Rice County Sheriff's Office and K9 Units along with members from the Drug Enforcement Agency."

CRDVOTF Commander Scott O'Brien is quoted in the news release, "Coming across a DMT lab is extremely rare.  These labs create major risks to public safety.  I'm proud of collaborative effort by all the agencies involved that worked together to remove the lab from the community."

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