The Rice County Board of Commissioners today voted to adopt one of the five redistricting proposals presented.

Board Chair Jim Purfeerst requested a roll call vote with the motion to adopt proposal #4 provided by the County Elections Department which basically keeps districts as they are.


The approximately one hour public hearing featured a number of people sharing their opinions about the various proposals.

The vote came down to a League of Women Voters of Northfield and Cannon Falls plan which was called #3 and the #4 proposal.

LWV representative Cindy Nichols of Northfield explained their proposal provided for better representation for all people in Northfield.


Commissioner Jeff Docken agreed with many of the township supervisors who stated their desire to continue to have agricultural interests represented on the County Board of Commissioners.


Rice County Elections Department Director Denise Anderson provided some statistical information about the populations between proposal #3 and #4.


Commissioner Galen Malecha said he was in favor of #3 because a majority of his constituents have encouraged him to vote that way.  Not because he wanted to lessen agriculture's voice in the county.


The majority of people speaking at the public hearing did support #4.  Faribault City Administrator Tim Murray sent a letter to the county stating they would support plans #3, #4 or #5 because it would coincide with the redistricting they had in place.

Brian Peterson, Northfield Township Supervisor presented a petition with 104 signatures requesting #4 be adopted.

Representatives of Morristown Township, Erin Township, Walcott Township, Bridgewater Township, Shieldsville Township, Wheatland Township, Wheeling Township, Cannon City Township also voiced their support for #4.

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