Things apparently got heated between Miranda Lambert and another patron at a Nashville-area restaurant on Sunday (Feb. 10). According to TMZ, the country singer ended up dumping a salad in another woman's lap after an argument broke out, and now a video has emerged of an angry confrontation.

The celebrity gossip site reports that Lambert was dining with her mother and a family friend at Stoney River Steakhouse and Grill in Music City when an older man began fighting with Lambert's friend in the restroom after making a comment about millennials and their phones.

According to the report, the argument spilled over into the restaurant, where the unidentified man approached Lambert's table and began screaming. Witnesses tell TMZ that the "Keeper of the Flame" singer "had to be held back" after she began to get riled up and started making angry comments of her own to the man who had started the argument. The situation culminated in Lambert walking over to the man's wife, engaging in an argument with her and finally throwing a salad in the woman's lap, TMZ states.

A nearby patron in the restaurant shot the video above, which shows Lambert's group standing up and loudly arguing in the middle of the restaurant. The clip appears to show the aftermath of the salad incident, and after arguing with the other diners, Lambert's group departs, with the dressed-down singer seeming to have calmed down. The patron who is filming the video and her group are heard commenting on the incident and speculating about the singer.

Sources in law enforcement tell TMZ that police were called to the scene about a report of two men fighting, but Lambert and her party had already left by the time officers arrived at the restaurant. Police did not file a report about the incident.

Representatives for Lambert had no comment when TMZ reached out, and Stoney River's corporate office did not respond to their requests for comment.

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