The results are in and it looks like we'll all be opening up our wallet even wider to help Cupid shoot some arrows this Valentine's Day.

The gang over at WalletHub has crunched the numbers on pretty much everything having to do with Valentine's Day in their new report. And spending on Valentine's Day is big business this year! In fact, the report says it's the third-largest consumer holiday in the U.S., with spending expected to top $20.7 billion dollars this year!

That's a lot of flowers and candy, right? The report says most of us expect our partner to spend about $50 dollars on a Valentine's Day present. That sounds about right, if you ask me. But actual Valentine's Day spending is much higher than that.

Check out THIS statistic: WalletHub says men will spend almost twice as much as women when it comes to buying gifts for Valentine's Day-- dropping an average of nearly $160 this year! (If I'm doing my math right, that means women will spend about $80 on Valentine's Day this year.) And, if you're married, it's even more-- married guys spend just over $357 on their wife for Valentine's Day, WalletHub says.

But here's the rub, though: WalletHub also says that 43 million of us will get an unwanted gift this year, and that we'll spend, on average, $43 million on a present your partner doesn't even want! So, the pressure's on-- don't just spend money, make sure you spend it on something your Valentine actually wants!

So, how much is YOUR Valentine spending on YOU this year-- and how much are YOU spending on THEM?

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