Reese's hasn't released a new shape in 20 years! And that's about to change this year, they'll be releasing new holiday shapes this year. Hersey's made the announcement on the 28th of these new shapes, as well as some other delicious sounding releases.

There are going to be Dipped Pretzels and Sweet Cinnamon Kit Kats, according to Thrillist. And the new Reese's shapes? Well, one is going to be a Holiday Lights shape and the other is... a Mystery Shape! Elite Daily says that there will be three shapes that are part of the mystery Reese's and will contain "the perfect ratio of peanut butter and chocolate."

I guess people have been all worked up the past about the fact that the Reese's Trees don't actually look like trees. So, according to an Instagram post from CandyHunting, Hersey's "'wanted to give you something new to talk about.'" Hence the new holiday shapes!

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