Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - We’ve heard of thunderstorm, blizzard, tornado and high wind warnings.

Now a new one has been added to those issued by the National Weather Service.

NWS offices in the Midwest are planning to begin issuing a new, informational product this winter called a SNOW SQUALL WARNING.

This is what the NWS says about this new advisory:

Will be issued rarely.
Used for snow squalls that suddenly reduce visibility, often accompanied by gusty winds.
Short-fused, polygon-based warning (30-60 min)
More common with lines or bands of heavy snow versus scattered snow showers.
Will not be sent to phones via Wireless Emergency Alerts initially, but may in the future.

The NWS says these warnings have been in use in the northeast U.S. where snow squalls occur are more common and the response has been positive.

National Weather Servicce
National Weather Servicce

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