Here is reason 1066 to love Minnesota: We take our bars out onto the ice during winter. And on not just ANY lake, you can not only drop in a line, you can also crack open a cold one with friends at the bar. Some call it LOW, others may refer to it by it's first letters, L-O-T-W, me I just call it paradise during the winter. Lake Of The Woods. It's not like I need to tell you where to ice fish, that's none of my business, but if you are looking for some fun during the middle of winter, drop in a line, then head out to the bar.

Lake of the Woods Bureau of Tourism recently posted about all the fun resorts that are open not only during the summer months but also during the winter months. For instance, the Igloo Bar from the Zippel Bay Resort or Cyrus Resort's Angry Walleye.

One of the great aspects of ice fishing LOW is the variety of resorts.
For those who like to slide in for a beverage after a good day of fishing on Lake of the Woods, there is a nice variety, all special in their own right. In fact, there are actually a couple of bars out on the ice.
The top pic is the Igloo Bar out of Zippel Bay Resort. The bottom pic is the Angry Walleye out of Cyrus Resort. The many other great establishments you will have visit on land!
Ice fishing shacks out on the frozen harbour.

While we still have a little bit of a wait for some ie fishing, even up at Lake of the Woods, they are already sharing what the fishing conditions are like, for those looking to be some of the first out this year.

Lake of the Woods MN Fishing Report...

On the south end... Most anglers have pulled the plug on open water fishing the basin and have sights set on ice fishing.
This week, temps plunged creating ice on back bays. Some reports of a few inches as of mid week last week in some areas. When they think the time is right, resorts and outfitters will slowly and safely begin marking a trail for ice travel.
The first anglers out will work through resorts using the marked trails to tip up fish or spear for pike in the shallow bays. From there, things will progress as the ice begins to form on the lake. Resorts will communicate what form of travel is allowed. Initially, foot travel only. As ice thickens, it goes to ATVs and snowmobiles. Eventually side by sides and up from there.
Every year is different, but normally day houses will be set up for customers early to mid December. Sleeper fish houses a couple of weeks after that. Mother Nature is in charge and areas of the lake freeze differently, hence, it is vital to work through the pros working the ice.
During early ice, most resorts / outfitters will transport you out to heated fish houses for safety and convenience. Those fishing on their own will pull their collapsible fish houses out staying on marked trails on the ice.
Walleyes and saugers have been setting up nicely in their late fall spots along the south shore for ice anglers when the time comes.
On the Rainy River... With colder weather, some snow, and deer hunting still going on in northern Minnesota, most anglers have pulled the plug on fishing. A few that ventured out reported some nice fish. With snowy boat ramps and spots with shoreline ice, anglers need to exercise great caution if they plan on dropping their boat in before the river freezes up.
Up at the NW Angle... Up until bays started freezing, walleye fishing reports were excellent. Mother Nature has kicked in and ice is beginning to form. Most have pulled their boats trying to beat the ice up.
Everything is in place for an excellent ice fishing season.
Taking the bar out onto the lake during the winter months is just another reason, specifically 1066 to love Minnesota.

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