In a world where cookie-cutter homes are everywhere, I love unique homes. As opposed to homes with matching siding, identical floor plans and massive garages as the focal point, I love streets where every house is a little different, and homes have some character.

Sometimes this translates to being drawn to cute little Craftsman-style homes with quirky details, sometimes this means big old farm houses with original wood flooring and molding, and sometimes it means funky downtown loft-style spaces with tin ceiling tiles and exposed brick. I love built-ins, spiral staircases, front porches, exposed beams, and all sorts of quirks and features that many newer builds don’t have.

My love for less stereotypical homes also finds me admiring homes that fall squarely into the unique or weird category. I love shows and internet sites that explore different structures repurposed into homes, and the creativity that went into transitioning it from its former purpose into something residential. It could be a shipping container, a fire station or a light house, and people have made it home! I’ve also seen churches, train depots and grain bins that now have a second life. I think it is such a neat way to preserve a building, and there is so much character and history!

I recently saw this conversion of a gas station and was blown away! I love how much of the history is present in the remodel, and yet it’s a fully functioning home.

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