KDHL Farm Director Jerry Groskreutz was out of the office today, which I can only assume means he was off having fun with his friends and enjoying a free lunch. And with all the snow around, it made me think of a time that Jerry was caught on video hard at work!

One of the great questions of our time might be: If Jerry Groskreutz works hard and no one has proof, did it really happen?

Not knowing the answer, and not wanting to take the chance, Bernie, a member of the KDHL and Power 96 sales staff, whipped out his phone and hit record when he witnessed Jerry shoveling the sidewalk in front of the studios! Not wanting Jerry’s efforts to go undocumented, he asked me to share this footage with you all. This footage is about two years old, but I thought it might be fun to look back at it!

Jerry gets a lot of grief around our offices. We are quick to tease him, and a nap at his desk never goes without a comment. The fun extends to wherever Jerry is, like the yearly prank at the Rice County Fair, Jerry getting a bucket with holes at milking contests and more! You might feel bad for Jerry, but keep in mind, he dishes out his fair share of good-natured joking as well!

It’s all in good fun, and despite the jokes, Jerry really is a hard-working, nice guy, as is evidenced in this video. Although, now that I look at it, we never see Jerry’s face…

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