The Town of Randolph worked hard this holiday season, taking donations at the music concerts to purchase basic toiletry supplies and snacks to send to Jesse Johnson and all 200 men in the 10th Mountain Division out of Fort Drum, N.Y., stationed in Afghanistan. Jesse is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Johnson -- yes the same auctioneer/court voice of the Timberwolves and does the Cannon Falls news weekday mornings on KDHL.

Rod also told us that Star Laundry donated laundry detergent, Callstroms Dental donated dental floss and the Cannon Falls VFW donated $630 to pay for the shipping costs on 40 boxes.

What an incredible way for a little town to show how much they care about these people who have to be away from their homes for another holiday in order to serve their country. Way to go Randolph. And thanks to Jesse, and all who are in the military, for your service.