The LeSueur County Pioneer Power Association held its annual power show over the weekend and by all accounts, it was pretty successful. I was able to attend the show on Saturday during the late morning to early afternoon and there were people, food, and smiles to be had all weekend.

Pulling into the parking lot late Saturday morning, one, if they weren't looking carefully, might not catch a parking spot. The lot was pretty full with vehicles, and trailers alike all parked and awaiting the treasures that their owners were sure to bring back and either fill the vehicle or trailer up.

By the middle of the afternoon, there were plenty of spots to be had out in the parking lot, but by then a lot of those treasures had been claimed by the keen-sighted folks who got up early to attend the LeSueur County Pioneer Power Association's annual get-together.

The lines for some food staples were also long. I saw the mini-donut stand's line and my jaw about hit the gravel, as the line was 40 people deep, which wasn't a surprise as the wind, out of the north, was pushing the smell of freshly cooked and sugared donuts throughout the 110 acres of metal, wood, tractors, and trinkets.

My wife and I walked out with a miniature basketball hoop that hooks over the back of a door, our exchange student Pau had been asking about one, and for less than $20 we had a nice one, and hours of enjoyment for him.

It was good to see so many folks, who were excitedly greeting one another, as many of these fine folks and collectors haven't been in the same place since 2019. There were handshakes and high fives all scattered between the hand sanitizer and some observed social distancing.

The show marked the return of warmer weather here in Minnesota, and hopefully a return to some more 'normal' activities.

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