This past weekend on a local happenings page, a local Caribou Coffee employee went online with a post that hit the community pretty hard. The post reflected on a recent encounter with a customer who became so rude towards a co-worker that they had "to step away" after becoming upset over the encounter.

The post, made to the New Prague Happenings page this weekend went into some detail as to what the staff at Caribou Coffee goes through on a regular basis, which for the most part are positive interactions with customers, but lately, it seems like that seems to be changing.

Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM
Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM
On behalf of all the caribou baristas, I want to apologize,
We are extremely sorry that sometimes the lines get long, we are sorry that your drink was made wrong. But we are human. We are a bunch of people behind a small counter doing our best to serve you. You are our customers, you are our first priority.
That being said; our staff for the most part is a group of high schoolers. We can only work so fast, we are going to make mistakes. Please be nice? I understand getting upset, but we are doing our best. Yes, it is our job, but we do not get paid for you to be rude. I can, with full certainty, say that if your drink is wrong we will remake it. If you don’t like your drink, we will remake it.
If being rude to a teenage girl is what makes your day, all the power to you. I just feel that everyone should know the feelings of the baristas are just as important as your own. Watching a coworker get visibly upset to the point where she needed to step away, is the worst feeling. It’s so incredibly frustrating because in this moment there was nothing we could do, we were working fast and our hardest. But that wasn’t enough.
Also, as a whole, we are short-staffed as it is. If you haven’t noticed, sometimes we have to close early because of this lack of help. So we are also so very sorry for that.
So please, respect your baristas. We are nothing but nice and courteous to you and your requests. We are human, and respect goes both ways.
The good news from all of this is that most if not all of the reactions to this post were supportive.
Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM
Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM
Whatever happened to treating others as we want to be treated?

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