If you've driven past the CCFBank in Faribault today you might have noticed that the outside ATM machine is missing. According to Faribault Police, that machine was more than likely ripped from its place on the sidewalk using a vehicle. The good news is that the machine was found a short time later, the bad news is that the machine was found emptied of all cash.

According to Neal Pederson with the Faribault Police Department members of the Faribault Police Department "responded to an ATM alarm at 3:19am this morning at 300 Western Avenue, and found the ATM had been removed from its mount." Contrary to what many would think that the ATM would be CCFBank's it in reality isn't. Faribault police informed me that the machine was owned by "Case Financial".

Pederson explained that ATM thefts are more common in more metropolitan than here in Faribault but it seems that in many cases a vehicle is used to take the ATM off the pedestal in which it sits using straps or a chain and then pulled to another location.

Pederson indicated that there were "vehicle tracks found leading up to the machine" and that Faribault officers found "the machine...lying a short distance away but the money (unknown amount at this time) was missing."

On average, according to evolutioncash.ca, the average ATM holds between $2,000 and $5,000.

Faribault police are in the process of retrieving any surveillance footage of the area from local businesses.

If you have any information in regards to the ATM theft, you should call the Faribault Police Department.

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